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Filson Strap Vest

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Keeping it Simple

Fly Fishing Strap Vest by Filson

Filson Strap Vest For a company so dedicated to making products of the highest quality available, it is nice to see that Filson doesn't simply rest on the fact that their workmanship is superior to the competition. The Filson strap vest is the first real inovation to come along in fly fishing vests in years. Instead of adding more pockets, more grommets, and more attachments, Filson has gone back to the drawing board and produced a fly fishing vest in a category of its' own.

In warm weather, this vest slips over a light shirt and provides maximum ventilation. In freezing conditions, this vest does what no standard vest can; the adjustable staps allow you to wear it over a parka if necessary.

Filson Strap Vest - Rear View Filson did an excellent job making the most of the limited space. The two main pockets are larger than those available on most vests, providing ample room for large fly boxes. Up front, the four snap pockets are large enough for extra spools and reels. The snap pockets are designed to be opened and closed with one hand. On the back side of the main pockets, four thin pockets are useful for leaders. The large back pocket includes a D-ring for your landing net and has enough room to hold rain gear and lunch; I feel most strap vests give up too much in this area.

In typical Filson fashion, the brass zipper is large and rugged. It won't corrode or hang up like the zippers on typical fly fishing vests. The cloth is 100% 8 oz. cotton - Filson shuns cheap synthetics. Although this is a relatively new product, Filson has been making bird hunting vests in a similar fashion for many years.

If your looking for a light-weight strap vest, but refuse to compromise on quality or space, give this one a try.

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