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Fly Fishing the Yellowstone in the Park

Released April 1, 2004

The Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park is widely know for two things: the spectacular Yellowstone Falls, and a few miles of world-class dry-fly fishing for native cutthroat trout. But for all its reputation for easy pickings for big fish, the river can be devilishly difficult, depending on the season and the fishing conditions. Those big, burly cutthroats have seen it all and, at times, they can seem downright jaded--unless you know how to fish for them. West Yellowstone guide and fly shop owner Bob Jacklin and world-renowned angler Gary LaFontaine both know how.

Included are a hatch chart, a list of popular flies, and more than twenty tying recipes for the most effective patterns to catch fish in the Yellowstone River.

Fly Fishing the Yellowstone in the Park
Trout Hunter: The Way of an Angler

Released April 2004

Fly fishing enthusiasts, the wait is over. At last—a collection of world renowned master angler René Harrop’s finest, most informative articles from reputable industry magazines such as Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, as well as their Japanese counterparts Fly Fisher and Fly Rodder’s Magazine. Each article is an affectionate account of nearly six decades of fly fishing. You will learn everything from casting techniques and innovations in fly tying to actually reading the water, the insects and the weather for the most successful fly fishing experience possible.
Trout Hunter: The Way of an Angler
Bass Bug Basics: Simple Techniques for Tying Deer-Hair Flies

Released February 2004

With some simple tips and an hour or two of practice, anyone can make deer-hair bass bugs. Many fly-tiers consider deer hair one of the most difficult materials with which to work. But, it just isn't that hard. Bass Bug Basics shows you how to tie deer-hair bugs without superhuman skills, expensive tools, or exotic materials.

What you need is a little time and dedication—and a copy of Bass Bug Basics. Through clear and easy-to-follow instructions and comprehensive step-by-step photographs, the reader can easily progress from the Powder Puff (the most basic of bass bugs) all the way to such advanced patterns as the Floundering Pinfish. 175 black & white photographs.
Bass Bug Basics: Simple Techniques for Tying Deer-Hair Flies